Get to Know the Flooring Trade

With a growing need for flooring installation and a low number of skilled flooring craftsmen, there’s no better time to start a career in flooring.

Explore a career creating cozy, soft surfaces.

Natural beauty created by expert craftsmen.

Imagine the possibilities with vinyl, cork, and more.

Get creative with the many options tile offers.

Meet Real Flooring Craftsmen

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsman.

Explore Your Path to Flooring Craftsman

No matter where you are now, there is a path to becoming a flooring craftsman.

Meet Real Flooring Craftspeople

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsperson.

Explore Training Opportunities

There are several ways to get the training you need to start off your flooring craftsman career.

Approved training from our training partners.

See where our programs are available in technical colleges.

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Scholarships Available

FCEF Scholarship cover up to half of the cost of your training.


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Do you know someone who has the creativity and drive to be a flooring installation craftsman? 

how to identify potential

flooring craftsman

What does it take to become a flooring craftsman? To be successful in this career path, it’s important to be able to work with your hands, have a strong interest in learning about a variety of tools, have great attention to detail, and a passion for producing high-quality work.

When considering how to identify potential flooring craftsmen, keep these skills in mind. While these skills are ideal for future flooring installers, there are additional skills and characteristics that can help to make this a great career option  for a variety of personality types.

a great flooring canidate

will have….


Flooring installation is rewarding for anyone that is skilled at working with their hands. Students who enjoy shop classes and home improvement projects are a great fit for a flooring career.


A successful flooring craftsman has the ability to measure and cut flooring to match a specific space. This attention to detail ensures an installed floor looks flawless to the customer.


Flooring installation allows to a craftsman to create using unique looks with flooring materials. Some flooring specialties, like tile, reward extremely creative and artistic individuals.


After working as a helper and apprentice, flooring craftsmen have the ability to become their own bosses and run their own small businesses. To get to this level, an individual needs to be able to self-motivate.

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