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With a growing need for flooring installation and a low number of skilled flooring craftsmen, there’s no better time to start a career in flooring.

Explore a career creating cozy, soft surfaces.

Natural beauty created by expert craftsmen.

Imagine the possibilities with vinyl, cork, and more.

Get creative with the many options tile offers.

Meet Real Flooring Craftsmen

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsman.

Explore Your Path to Flooring Craftsman

No matter where you are now, there is a path to becoming a flooring craftsman.

Meet Real Flooring Craftspeople

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsperson.

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There are several ways to get the training you need to start off your flooring craftsman career.

Approved training from our training partners.

See where our programs are available in technical colleges.

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Scholarships Available

FCEF Scholarship cover up to half of the cost of your training.


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Flooring Craftsmen are  well-paid and in high demand. See what it takes to start your career as a flooring craftsman today.

why are flooring installation careers great for military veterans?

As a military veteran, there are many reasons why flooring installation careers are ideal. First, you get to be active and move around often. If you are someone who enjoys walking and moving during the day, a flooring career could be the path for you. Another reason why flooring installation is ideal for military veterans is that you’ll get to work with your hands. As a military veteran, you probably have some experience using your hands, which translates well to installing flooring. Plus, working with your hands can be rewarding, especially after seeing the finished product installed flawlessly.

If you were in the military or were a military veteran, you may also have leadership skills that are above average, allowing you the opportunity to manage projects efficiently – just another one of the benefits of a career in the flooring industry.

Lastly, a career in flooring installation is a great post-military career as it does not require a bachelor’s degree or any type of college degree, and can be easily learned with hands-on experience.

how to get started

Here’s how you can get started on your way to becoming a flooring craftsman.

 Explore Flooring

Explore the different types of flooring careers out there and discover what sounds like the best career path for you and your future.

Find Your career Path

Not sure whether you want to explore tile, carpet, hardwood, or resilient floors? Find your career path and learn more about each discipline.

discover training

Our training opportunities offer you hands-on experience in installing tile, carpet, hardwood, or resilient floors. Find training today!

Apply for A Scholarship

Find out more about how you can get a scholarship to become a flooring craftsman with our scholarship application

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What Experience Does a Service Member Need?

As a military veteran, you don’t need any prior experience to become a flooring craftsman. You can train quickly and affordably in a hands-on environment that will teach you the skills you need to become a highly-skilled flooring craftsman. You’ll learn everything you need to know in training courses that span a short time frame to get you on your way to even more experience and flooring installation skills. As a high-paying career in great demand, there’s no better time to start your career in the flooring industry.

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“As a flooring craftsman, you can make the money you want. If you want to make a lot of money, you will make it. If you want to make less money and work less, you can.”