Get to Know the Flooring Trade

With a growing need for flooring installation and a low number of skilled flooring craftsmen, there’s no better time to start a career in flooring.

Explore a career creating cozy, soft surfaces.

Natural beauty created by expert craftsmen.

Imagine the possibilities with vinyl, cork, and more.

Get creative with the many options tile offers.

Meet Real Flooring Craftsmen

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsman.

Explore Your Path to Flooring Craftsman

No matter where you are now, there is a path to becoming a flooring craftsman.

Meet Real Flooring Craftspeople

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsperson.

Explore Training Opportunities

There are several ways to get the training you need to start off your flooring craftsman career.

Approved training from our training partners.

See where our programs are available in technical colleges.

Explore our calendar for all training opportunities.

Scholarships Available

FCEF Scholarship cover up to half of the cost of your training.


start your future as a flooring craftsman


Not sure what do after high school? Thinking about how to find work? Deciding whether to attend a college, university, trade school? Not sure at all? Consider a career as a flooring craftsman.

is a flooring craftsman career right for you?

Do you love to work with your hands? Are you the one that can always seem to fix things around the house? Do you want to have a successful career that allows you to work in different locations, make customers happy, and feel proud of what you’ve created? A career in flooring installation could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Even if you’re still in high school, it’s never too soon to think about what you want to do after graduation. Exploring your career options now will help you make a confident decision about your future. Are you ready to get out there and start your path?

how to get started

Here’s how you can get started on your way to becoming a flooring craftsman.

Explore Flooring

Find out about the different types of flooring to help determine your next steps.

Find Your Path

See where your career can take you as you create your path in the flooring industry.

Find Training

See local training opportunities to get started becoming a flooring craftsman.

Apply for Scholarship

Get your tuition paid for by applying for a scholarship. Click to apply today.

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Do I need to go to College or University?

One of the reasons why becoming a flooring craftsman is such a great career choice is because it does not require you to go to College or University. While there is some training needed to learn the skills and nuances of different types of projects, you do not need a two or four-year college degree to become a successful flooring craftsman.

You can expect to spend anywhere between 1 week to 15 weeks learning the skills you need in hands-on courses prior to working with an experienced installation team. After a couple of years learning on the job (while you’re making money!) you’ll be ready to confidently tack jobs on your own.

Explore Flooring at a Trade School & Community College

There are some options available when it comes to exploring flooring at a trade school or community college. While they aren’t incredibly common, FCEF is looking to change that. Some trade schools do already offer programs where you can explore the basics of installing flooring.

If you want to get more in-depth experience before becoming a flooring craftsman, we recommend you invest in installation classes or courses that are specific to the path you are interested in taking in flooring.

crystal sims


“In order for our industry to grow, we need to educate, train and support new recruits. If we can take the time to how recruits how to be successful from the very beginning, there will be more value in our industry. It’s time we set the standard for our craft!”