Get to Know the Flooring Trade

With a growing need for flooring installation and a low number of skilled flooring craftsmen, there’s no better time to start a career in flooring.

Explore a career creating cozy, soft surfaces.

Natural beauty created by expert craftsmen.

Imagine the possibilities with vinyl, cork, and more.

Get creative with the many options tile offers.

Meet Real Flooring Craftsmen

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsman.

Explore Your Path to Flooring Craftsman

No matter where you are now, there is a path to becoming a flooring craftsman.

Meet Real Flooring Craftspeople

See what it’s like to build a career as a flooring craftsperson.

Explore Training Opportunities

There are several ways to get the training you need to start off your flooring craftsman career.

Approved training from our training partners.

See where our programs are available in technical colleges.

Explore our calendar for all training opportunities.

Scholarships Available

FCEF Scholarship cover up to half of the cost of your training.


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A career in floor covering is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Complete our online application to apply for a scholarship towards approved College training programs.

**Scholarship funding is currently only avaliable for students who are new to the floring industry.

brook williams


“Being a flooring craftsman gives me a sense of pride. I work with my hands and create a finished product I can look back on at the end of the day. it’s a lot more satisfying than working a job where you don’t see the end goal.” 

Application Requirements

FCEF Scholarships are only available to individuals who meet the following criteria.

You must:
  1. - Be new to floor covering installation
  2. - Be interested in the flooring installation career
  3. - Have NO felony charges
  4. - Live in the United States or Canada
  5. - Understand and be able to participate in an English-speaking program
  6. - Submit a video interview*

*Video Interview Requirements: Using your mobile device, please include a video, lasting 1 minute or less, is a mandatory component of your application. It's crucial to understand that the video plays a significant role in our scholarship decision-making process. Ensure you use suitable backgrounds and locations for filming, speak clearly, and project your voice loud enough to be heard. Please include the following information: 1. Your name 2. Where you live 3. Specific training program you are interested in 4. Explain why you are interested in pursuing installation as a career choice. If you encounter difficulties while submitting your video through the application portal, please reach out to We will provide additional information to assist you in successfully submitting your video.

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